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Clean sustainable electricity, hydrogen & bio-coal from waste

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A circular economy is an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources

H2&e are working with leading European technology suppliers, NZ consultants, Regional Government, and others to enable a  whole system network for waste to product. Where possible, H2&e will include circular economy and stewardship program goals into the project.

Creating a circular economy by re-purposing waste into valuable products.

A circular economy is an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources.

Circular systems employ reuse, & recycling to create a closed-loop system, minimising the use of resource inputs and the creation of waste, pollution, and carbon emissions.[6]

Hydrogen: an opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions in transportation and electricity generation.

Generating hydrogen from waste to support the rollout of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles & stationary power generation platforms.

It should also be noted that the requirement for decarbonisation of energy goes well beyond the transport sector, which comprises only a third of global CO2 emissions [2] .

Ilona Dickschas from Siemens Gas and Power explains:

“There is growing pressure around the globe to reduce the environmental impact of transportation. The transportation sector is not only a major contributor to climate warming but also the fastest growing, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Figures show that energy use is higher for the transport sector than any other end-use sector.

While many see the electrification of road transportation as the solution to reduce emissions, data collected by the International Energy Agency shows that road transport emissions have increased despite electric vehicles (EV) being produced on a large scale by now.”
– New Zealand government’s green paper A Vision for Hydrogen in New Zealand, published in 2019.


[2] : Dr Gareth Hinds is Science Area Leader in Electrochemistry at theNational Physical Laboratory (NPL)

[6] : Geissdoerfer, Martin; Savaget, Paulo; Bocken, Nancy M. P.; Hultink, Erik Jan (2017-02-01). “The Circular Economy – A new sustainability paradigm?”