H2 and e Solutions New Zealand

Clean sustainable electricity, hydrogen & bio-coal from waste

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Mission Statement

H2&e for a sustainable planet our solutions support the transition to a low carbon & net zero emissions economy.

H2&e Sustainable Clean Energy from Waste H2&e‘s Electric
e-Pyro® [3] plant repurposes waste into energy products, such as
Syn-gas, Hydrogen, Electricity & Bio-coal.

Our Purpose

To minimise all possible waste going to landfill. The waste that is captured, is repurposed into sustainable clean energy. H2&e Solutions International (H2&e) is a NZ owned company that specialises in sustainable green energy from waste solutions that re-purposes organic carbon-based biomass into three main output product groups, such as syngas, bio-oils, and carbon-char.
H2&e was formed to respond to an identified need for a workable solution for some aspects of waste management in New Zealand.
Taking organic carbon-based waste & repurposing it into value added commodities that offset virgin mineral oil products.
The H2&e e-Pyro® [3] (electrically heated & environmentally clean [3] ) BRS [4] system has a small footprint, & lends itself to multiple distributed processing sites.
The H2&e e-Pyro® [3] Bio-mass Repurposing System [4] is a closed system, that produces zero-emissions.
Waste, when repurposed, becomes a sustainable energy resource.
Solutions that incorporate Environmental Best Practices to provide a strategic transition towards sustainable energy & fuel.

The Application of Innovative Technologies

Sustainable Clean Energy from Waste that re-purpose organic carbon-based biomass into value added commodities that offset virgin mineral oil products.


[3] : e-Pyro® & e-Pyrolysis – Electrically heated & environmentally clean pyrolysis

[4] : BRS – Biomass Repurposing System